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Introducing Excel Employee Leave Tracker… a revolutionary dynamic suite of templates created to automatic your internal leave process and increase customer engagement.

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Eliminate Inefficiencies With Excel Employee Leave Tracker

Excel Employee Leave Tracker will eliminate performing tedious data retrieval / entry, calculations of pay and Return to Work (RTW) dates, and eligibility based on employee class & hours. Our dynamic leave templates provide temporal “Pop-ups” reminders indicating important dates / tasks, smart drop-down menus. Excel Employee Leave Tracker also offer a customized Manager’s Dashboard to identify trends and forecasting, which will help with future leave benefits & save your company money. With Excel Employee Leave Tracker, your leave team will increase customer engagement by providing accurate information quickly to business partners and employees.

Become a Better Team, Together.

 Excel Employee Leave Tracker is a suite of automated leave management templates designed to save money, increase productivity, and simplify your company's day-to-day leave administration. Our template can assist and automate if your employee population is on one state multiple or national, If you have union population, a non-Union or both! We can ensure the proper leave benefits apply to the correct employee population with pop-ups and reminders!


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Simple & Approachable Workflow

Using other third party software is an expensive and time-consuming learning process by remembering passwords & protocols. Plus, your team most likely download reports into an Excel spreadsheet anyway! With Excel Employee Tracker, the cost and learning curve are drastically reduced! Plus, with available charts and graphs that can be created, your team will have on-demand data at their fingertips!

Integrates Easily with Industry-Leading Software

Excel Employee Leave Tracker is compatible with any HRIS system that can produce schedule data files in any format including Excel, PDF, CVS and Text. Data Extract files can be saved on your department’s shared drive folder. Once the report is saved in the designated folder, simply click the “Refresh” button to automatically upload your leave log with the latest employee data. Your leave team no longer need copy & paste employee’s data from multiple data source that increases errors and data corruption.

Data from multiple sources can be uploaded into Excel Employee Leave Tracker's templates. This includes files from third party vendors, payroll data files, that can be incorporated into the leave log for a more dynamic process flow.

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Easy-to-Read Reports

Easily Collaborate With Your Team

We will collaborate with you and your team to design a custom report to fit your organization's absence management needs. Excel Employee Leave Tracker will review your Employee's Handbook with you to learn your company’s leave policies, and ensure federal, local & state leave policies are placed in your custom template (if required).  We will review your HR&IS capabilities to generate the demographic file needed to access and create the file and report(s).


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Learn the True High Cost of Your Current Leave Process Not Using Excel Employee Leave Tracker

Use the below calculator to learn the true cost of administrating up to 5 employee's leave per day over the course of a year without using Excel Employee Leave Tracker!

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How Do We Make Your Team Life Easier? 


Encourage Team Communication

 All templates are stored internally on a leave department’s shared drive. All employee’s information is securely stored on a company’s network. No need to worry about security breach


 Relevant & accurate data is available with a click of a mouse! Eliminates input errors, delays with benefits, and miscommunication with employees and business partners.

Helps Save Time & Money 


At demand use your current HRIS database export files to update all employee information. We can include all employee datapoints to provide a customize suite of templates

Makes Information Accessible 


With the optional Communication Hub and Payroll Change Report, instantly send time sensitive documents to ensure compliancy and benefits. Plus, with the Manager Dashboard, have a complete break-down of your company’s leave population.

Keeps Everyone in The Loop 

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With the Right Platform, Everything Is Possible

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