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Automated Emails? Excel Employee Leave Tracker Has You Covered!

Excel Employee Leave Tracker Automated Email Tracker

Sending, tracking emails along with PDF's attachments to employees on leave is just another important facet of absence administration. Using accurate point-of-contact information, correct documentation(s) and sending forms within timelines, are just a few of the steps required when contacting employees on leave.


With Excel Employee Leave Tracker's Communication Hub option, your leave administrator can do it all with a click of the mouse button! Using employee's indicative information that will be automatically obtained from Excel Employee Leave Log, attached PDF's will have employer sections completed, and will allow employees to complete the PDF's on their computer/ mobile devices.

PDF's can either be printed right from employee's device (if connected to a printer) or forwarded to physician for completion!  The Communication Hub will eliminate delays of submission and approvals while improving customer satisfaction! 


Contact us by clicking on the link below to schedule a full video demonstration! 


Payroll Change Report

 Are you struggling to provide your payroll department with an accurate payroll change report that indicates the correct deductions for each individual employee going or returning from a leave? Is your leave team struggling to research each employee's benefits cost with the correct payroll codes within a timely manner? Learn how Excel Employee Leave Tracker can integrate an dynamic payroll change report that updates when an employee is updated on the Leave Tracker


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