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How to Forecast Employee Trends with Manager Dashboards, Pivot Tables and Charts

As an HR Director or Manager, you know how important it is to keep track of your employees' performance, engagement, retention, and turnover. You want to be able to identify patterns and trends that can help you make better decisions for your organization.

But how do you do that?

You may have tried using spreadsheets, reports, or surveys to collect and analyze employee data. But these methods are often time-consuming, error-prone, and incomplete. You may have missed some crucial insights or overlooked some key factors that affect your employees' behavior.

You may have also faced challenges such as:

- How do you consolidate data from different sources and systems?

- How do you filter, and sort data based on various criteria and dimensions?

- How do you visualize data in a clear and compelling way?

- How do you share data with your stakeholders and team members?

If you don't solve these problems, you may end up with inaccurate or outdated information that can lead to poor decisions. You may also lose credibility and trust with your employees, who may feel that you don't understand their needs or concerns.

You may also miss out on opportunities to improve your employee experience, productivity, and retention. You may fail to anticipate changes in the market, industry or workforce that can affect your organization's performance.

You don't want that to happen.

That's why you need a better solution: Excel Employee Leave Tracker’s automated leave templates.

Excel Employee Leave Tracker’s Manager Dashboards is your teams “one-stop” place to monitor KPI’s for your company’s leave population. Your manager’s dashboard will display real-time data from various sources in a single place, using charts, graphs, tables, and other visual elements in an easy to comprehend format.

Excel Employee Leave Tracker’s will provide your team powerful tools that help you work with a lot of data such as Pivot Tables. Our pivot tables are easy-to-use and will not complicate your teams already busy work schedules. We will work with your team to design and customize pivot tables that will allow you to manipulate and analyze large amounts of employee’s leave information quickly and easily. Your team will be able to summarize, filter, sort, group and compare data based on different variables and dimensions allowing you to get a 360-degree view of your leave population.

With Excel Employee Leave Tracker’s Charts, your team will be able to use graphical representations of data that help your team communicate and understand complex information more effectively. They visually show trends, patterns, relationships, and outliers in your leave population that can be shared with other team members and business partners data using lines, bars, pies, and charts that can be customized to fit your needs.

With manager dashboards, pivot tables and charts, you can:

- Access relevant and reliable employee data anytime and anywhere.

- Customize your data analysis according to your specific goals

and questions.

- Discover hidden insights and opportunities in your employee data.

- Present your findings in a clear and persuasive way.

- Collaborate with your stakeholders and team members on data-driven decisions.

By using these tools, you can forecast employee trends more accurately and efficiently. This may assist with updating your existing leave benefits to better align with new regulations, company policies and employee usage of leave programs.

Don’t let your employee leave management a headache. Contact Excel Employee Leaver Tracker today and discover how our customized automated leave log can make your life easier. You’ll save time, money and resources while improving your employee satisfaction and retention. Don’t miss this opportunity to streamline and simplify your HR workflow. Go to: to schedule a free consultation and demo today!

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