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Frequently Asked Questions

  • What are the benefits using Excel Employee Leave Tracker?
    Excel Employee Leave Tracker provide fast & accurate employee information and will identify eligible leave based on employee's length of service per your company's employee leave policies. Excel Employee Leave Tracker will reduce errors in calculations and speed up leave administration by accessing current data extracted from a company's HRIS database and vendor's reports. Microsoft's latest formulas for Excel are used to improve your employee's customer satisfaction metrics while lowering cost by eliminating redundancy and adding automation to processes. Click on the icon below to schedule a demo to learn more.
  • What type of organization can use Excel Employee Leave Tracker?
    All types of organization are able to benefit from Excel Employee Leave Tracker! From Small to Large, Profit to Nonprofit, Local to National Companies with employees across multiple state! If your leave team is looking for a custom, automated internal solution that also works with Third Party Administrators (TPA), Yup...we were made for them too! Click on the link below to contact us to see how we can assist you!
  • How long will it take to create Excel Employee Leave Tracker?
    Depending on the complexity of an organization's leave program, we estimate 2 -3 weeks. Excel Employee Leave Tracker can be custom tailored to fit your organizations' needs, including local, state, and federal requirements. Companies with both Union and Non-Unions employees with separate leave programs can be accommodated. We thoroughly test each template's formulas before submitting the final template. Click on the link below to contact us to schedule a video demonstration!
  • Can my leave team change or delete fields after template are delivered?
    Unfortunately No. Excel Employee Leave Tracker's spreadsheet cells with formulas are locked and protected to ensure integrity and correct tabulation. You will be able to enter data (i.e. employee's name) , create pivot tables, and enter filters onto each spreadsheet. If you wish make to changes to the template, please give Excel Employee Leave Tracker a call and we will be happy to make any updates needed to ensure your team's success! Tap on the link below to see if we can help your organization!
  • What if my HRIS Team is unable to create one data extract file from our HRIS?
    No worries... we will collaborate with your data team to create the required extract files in any format (csv, txt, xlsx & pdf's) that will be used. This extract will be used as the basis for accurate employee information. Once the data extract file is created and defined, a schedule can be established to generated the extract by your leave team any time they want to ensure the most recent employee changes! Learn how Excel Employee Leave Tracker can assist by clicking on the link below.
  • How are data files transferred ?
    Excel Employee Leave Tracker use Microsoft OneDrive For Business. All data will be sent via secured protocol that meets key international, regional, and industry - specific standards and terms with more than 1,000 security and privacy controls. Once the final Excel Employee Leave Tracker is delivered, updates from HRIS extract files to the Leave Log will be performed by client's Leave Team by pressing the "Refresh" button on the Excel - Data Ribbon. Let's see if Excel Employee leave Tracker can help your team!
  • What if there are changes to the company's leave program or to local / federal policy?
    Excel Employee Leave Tracker will update your file within the 1st year the of new regulation(s). If your company is revising the leave policies within the first year, we will update the template to your company’s new leave polices at no cost. All other updates will incur a small service charge after discovery. What would you like to learn more about? Let's get together to see if we can help by clinking on the link below!
  • Is it possible to request additional data fields to our existing Leave Log?
    Of Course...just contact us to have to schedule a meeting to discuss what is needed. If the requested field is found within your hris database, then we will work with your hris team to include it on the data files and add to the new leave log. If we need to write a new formula... we will do that too!! Let's see if we can talk some more...go to "Contact Us".
  • What is the Payroll Change Report
    The Payroll Change Report is an automated report based on the Leave Template. It is a customized payroll deduction report of employees on leave. The report will include Paid Family Leave payment (based on the employment state), Date 100% Pay will End, and percentage of Short Term Disability payment - based on companies policies. We can also include all current benefits deductions employee may have due to a Qualified Life Event. Contact Us by clicking on the link below to learn more and schedule a demonstration!
  • What other services and functions do Excel Employee Leave Tracker provided?
    Excel Employee Leave Tracker also offer a communication template that automates submitting personalize Family's Medical Leave Act (FMLA) PDF's and sending with Outlook email. This also includes a tracking log to document who receives the FMLA forms and the date FMLA forms were submitted! We offer monthly census audit services to quickly and accurately compare your employee census to vendor census files highlighting the differences / discrepancies that would need your attention. We can also offer Open Enrollment services such as updating rate tables, vendor files reviews. Last, but not least... we are developing and Client specific App (Yup... we got an App for That!!) that will allow updates to Excel Employee Leave Tracker on mobile devices. Click on the icon below to contact us to learn more!
  • Do you offer Leave Administration Services to approve employee's leaves?
    At the present moment, no. We do not provide authorization of employee's leave. Excel Employee Leave Tracker is an internal tool for HR teams and consultants to assist with the management of employees' leave.
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