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How COVID-19 Exposed Leave Teams to Outdated Practices

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Due to the COVID-19 epidemic, many businesses now have remote work policies in place, which has led to a sharp rise in leave requests. These requests must now be managed and approved by leave teams, which has put a pressure on them. Confusion and delays might result from the time-consuming, error-prone manual procedure of recording and approving leave requests.

The absence of an automated and customized leave log might cause a company's leave team several issues. For instance, leave teams could find it difficult to estimate and control leave utilization without the aid of algorithms, pivot tables, and forecasting tools. The operations of the company may be hampered because of over or understaffing.

A HR’s leave team may overlook crucial information and deadlines without use of a simple yet a seldom used tool in Excel called Conditional Formatting. Conditional Formatting, when applied properly, can provide a visualization to easily identify leave trends and patterns. This will provide real-time notifications regarding upcoming due dates and highlight leave eligibility. Automation of repetitive operations, such as reminding staff members about approaching leave and providing real-time data on leave utilization, can further streamline leave procedures. As a result, leave requests can be turned down for want of supporting materials or authorized too late, which would add to the already existing backlog.

The risk of over or understaffing is decreased by the effective forecasting and management of leave usage by leave teams employing algorithms and pivot tables. The use of pivot tables will provide leave teams to organize leave data more efficiently while allowing you to manipulate data quick and easy. With the use of Pivot Charts, that will also provide visual representation of employee leave statistical from pivot table data, will help teams identify crucial details and dates.

A Manager's Dashboard can offer a consolidated area for managing and approving leave requests by leave teams, enhancing communication and transparency. Combined with Slicers, managers can have a dynamic view of the company’s leave population on-demand. The dashboard can provide leave submission by gender, department, state, leave type, just to name a few. Additionally, dependent drop-down menus can streamline the procedure for employees to submit, review, and approve leave requests, minimizing confusion and delays. A manager's dashboard with the use of charts and graphs can give leave teams a clear and comprehensive perspective of leave usage and trends, allowing them to make data-driven decisions, plan accordingly, and spot patterns or trends affecting leave management.

If you find it difficult to manage leave requests, dislike manually tracking and approving leave requests, then it's time to think about implementing an automatic and customized leave log to support your leave team.

Excel Employee Leave Tracker LLC provides a sophisticated leave log with features like formulas, pivot tables, forecasting capabilities, conditional formatting, artificial intelligence, a Manager's Dashboard, and dependent drop-down menus to assist your business to efficiently managing leave requests for COVID-19, short-term disability, maternity leave, paid and unpaid family leave, and all other authorized leaves of absence.

Avoid letting disorder and manual data entering continue to stress your leave team. To arrange a consultation and learn how Excel Employee Leave Tracker's cutting-edge leave log can help your business, contact us today at

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