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Why Excel Employee Tracker is the Best Solution to Automate your Company’s Leave Log

The purpose of this blog is to introduce you to the benefits of using Excel Employee Leave Tracker to automate your company's leave log, to make it more efficient and easier to manage. Below, I'll breakdown some of the major features and benefits of this tool and how your business could benefit from using it.

What is Excel Employee Leave Tracker?

Excel Employee Leave Tracker is a suite of excel templates that will allow you to manage your company's leave log. You may save this template onto your company's leave administration shared drive whether it be OneDrive or Google Drive and is used to track the absence of your employees each day. Using Excel Employee Leave Tracker allows your lead team to provide accurate employee information by importing data files from an organizations HRIS database. This will ensure the most up-to-date information regarding employees’ addresses, higher date and other pertinent data. This will reduce human error by eliminating the need to “cut and paste” Information from one data source to another or have multiple screens open. This will increase accuracy and efficiency, reducing manual tasks by over 50%.

What are the Benefits of using Excel Employee Leave Tracker?

The main advantage of using excel employee leave tracker is that it streamlines the process involved in tracking and reporting employees’ absences in your company. In addition to managing leave policies, the program also handles payroll calculations for employees who take leave time with our integrated payroll change report*.

By automating this process, you can improve the accuracy of your data and gain and overall improved insight into workforce management. Excel employee leave tracker will also allow you to easily generate reports and dashboards that can be used for better planning and management of HR related operations. Another major benefit of using excel employee leave tracker is that it helps companies to comply with existing regulations as well as government leave mandates like Family Medical Leave Act (FMLA) And the Americans with Disability Act (ADA). Excel Employee Leave Tracker can be customized to comply with state and local regulations regarding paid and unpaid leave as well as company leave policies. excel employee leave tracker can also automate inputting other reports from outside sources (payroll, vendors, and third-party administrators). Schedule a report to be generated, Excel employee leave tracker can capture the required fields and populate the log for you, Eliminating the need to search 4 information as claim numbers and notes from outside sources.

Contact Excel Employee Leave Tracker at: today to discuss how we can streamline your absence management and employee needs with an automated custom-made leave log.

*Optional payroll change report that will report employee's leave start date, percentage of payroll payment, when employee should return as active

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