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What Sets Excel Employee Leave Tracker Apart from Other Leave Logs?

Updated: Jan 14, 2023

There are a few options that your leave team can take to improve their internal leave log spreadsheet. One option is downloading a free leave log file found on the web, but downloading a file from an unknown source will jeopardize the security of your employees HIPAA data. Or you may be tempted to hire an Excel Expert to design an automate leave log, however the research and implementation process may take multiple months and will incur numerous meetings, as the programmer will need to fully understand the fundamentals principals of absence management, including local, state, and federal regulations. Additional time spent understanding the downstream effects on an employee’s pay, benefits and years of service will also need to be accounted for. With over 20 years’ experience in benefits and leave administration and understanding how payroll reporting interacts with leave management, Excel Employee Leave Tracker will save your leave team time with pre-designed templates that can be customized to fit your company's needs.

Excel Employee Leave Tracker has also created an integrated Payroll Change Report that allows your leave team to calculate and report; the last day an employee will receive 100% of pay; the exact dollar amount an employee should be paid while on leave (i.e. 50%, 60% while on STD); and provide the ability to customize notes to your payroll department regarding employee’s individual leave case. Using Excel Employee’s Leave Tracker’s payroll template will ensure employee’s financial responsibilities and pay are not jeopardized. This will end confusion between employees, your leave team, and your company’s payroll team.

The Manager’s Dashboard will provide your leave team with a visual representation of your employees’ leave population. You will be able to view charts and graphs of what type of leaves are requested and taken by employees; distinct types of employment status; duration of each leave (Estimate Vs. Actual) & any demographic information requested by your company’s leadership. This information will be automatically captured on the intake of employees’ leave requests. This is a quick “real-time” ability that can be shared with all HR Business Partners. Your team will no longer need to request a report from your third-party administrator or download a report from a vendor's portal for each employee's leave request.

Excel Employee Leave Tracker uses advanced formulas & functions to simplify the mundane and tedious task associated with leave management. These tasks include calculation of Return-to-Work dates; eligibility of FMLA; State & Local Paid Leave; ensuring company's Waiting Period is applied or not; notification of employees Returning to Work & Required Doctor's Note. With over 20 years’ experience, Excel Employee Leave Tracker can design a custom automated template that can perform all these tasks and more, allowing your team to focus on more important projects.

Another benefit of using Excel Employee Leave Tracker is the use of Smart Drop-Down Menus in the intake form. By simply typing in the employees’ name, all relevant employee information (i.e.: hire date, job title, salary) will be populated for processing. This will eliminate the need to have multiple data sources open and prevent inaccurate “cut & paste” data applied to the employee’s leave request. This will decrease the administration process gathering employee’s information to share with business partners / vendors and eliminating human error.

With an automated leave log like Excel Employee Leave Tracker, you will gain the ability to manage your company’s leave program more efficiently by streamlining the process of gathering employees’ information. This will also reduce the probability of human errors by automating the process of calculation and mundane tasks. By introducing the use of a Managers’ Dashboard to forecast leave trends, and an interactive payroll change report, your lead team will be better prepared to provide World-Class customer service. Learn more about our suite of templates at: www.ExcelEmployeeLeaveTracker.Com

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