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How to Simplify a Complex Leave Administration Process

Updated: Dec 29, 2021

Welcome to Excel Employee Leave Tracker’s Forum! My name is Warren Anderson, and I am a US Amy Veteran who has been working in the Health & Welfare industry for over 20 years. I decided to start a consultant business after working on multiple client’s leave administration projects and noticing a need: leave administrators not having a quality internal spreadsheet using proven formulas that can rapidly provide employee information easily for those who may not have advance Excel skills.

It would be easy to hire experienced contractors with Excel knowledge to utilize complex Excel formulas and methods. However, the time it would take to fully explain how leave programs works, local and federal regulations, temporal limitations, how swim lanes flows to payroll works, and consult with outside vendors would make this an nightmarish project! There would be multiple meetings lasting months just to provide the basic knowledge of leave administration before anything is started!

With Excel Employee Leave Tracker, the hard work is already done. The knowledge is already there with my past experience. I have worked as a Senior Benefit Analyst at multiple global consultant firms, as well as an internal HRIS Benefit Analyst and Leave Administrator. I have worked thru the trails and errors of creating a fundamental sound leave administration Excel spreadsheet to meet the needs of an organization. Plus, with colleges currently working as leave administrators, I have my ear-to the ground regarding what they wish their current internal leave spreadsheets could perform.

With all that said, I believe Excel Employee Leave Tracker will greatly assist leave managers and leave administrators. Not only is the template well organized to quickly review employee information, but it also includes “wish list” capabilities such as: calculations fields for Expected Return To Work Dates that does not including weekends & holidays; leave based on eligibility (i.e: date of hire); reminder “pop-ups” to inform leave team when employee is expected to return within 7 days, an analytical dashboard to view trends and provide forecasting; a payroll change report that updates any and all changes to the leave log, The list goes on!

In these troubling times, I believe Excel Employee Leave Tracker will be a great help for all organizations that are facing difficulties managing their leave program. Not only can it be used as a stand-alone product, but it also works will with other third-party apps. In fact, since it uses companies’ data extract form the HRIS, it can eliminate the need to have multiple resource portals at the same time…eliminating “Cut & Paste” and human errors. Leave teams will be able to quickly input employee’s data by just typing in the first name and the employee’s information will be viewed and recorded.

I will also post some helpful tips that I think will help Leave Administrators, HRIS Analyst, and anyone else that may use large data sets of information. Please leave comments below if you have any questions that I may have answers for you.

Stay Tuned...

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