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Do You Wish You Had An Affordable Custom Leave Report?

Updated: Dec 29, 2021

Do you wish your Leave Team could be more productive with administering employee’s absence management? Is your Leave Team use of Excel Spreadsheets inefficient because of lack of knowledge of more advance formulas, macro, and smart drop-down menus that would improve customer service and rapid response time?

Would you like all this at an affordable price too?

Excel Employee Leave Tracker is the answer! Excel Employee Leave Tracker have created a customize, leave management tool that works with any HRIS data extract file(s) which will access the “latest and greatest” employee information and employment status at a click with the mouse button!

Using advance Excel formulas and macros, your leave team can simply type an employee’s name (either first or last), and all the employee’s information will appear on the leave log! No more writing down employee’s date of hire, looking up ID Numbers or guessing if “John Smith” is from the Finance department or the Mailroom! All employee’s relevant information will be available once their name is entered!

Excel Employee leave Tracker has over 20 years experiences working within Health & Welfare and Absence Management. We have experience with the daily concerns and issues that leave administrators are going through, especially during current COVID-19.

With additional custom pivot tables and Dashboard with Forecasting Charts, HR Managers can use Excel Employee Leave Tracker to assist to determine future leave programs based on statistics and future trends.

Excel Employee leave Tracker also have:

· Automated Payroll Change Report – this report will capture, all updates made on the Leave Log to inform your company’s Payroll Department regarding employee pay while on leave. The Payroll Change Report is customizable and will calculate the STD weekly percentage-of-pay (50%, 60%, 70%) based on company’s benefit(s).

· Automated Communication Templet – A “One-Stop-Communication” tool that automate generate, fill, send, personalize PDF’s (i.e., FMLA Forms) and emails. These PDF’s will be saved, and a log will get populated with the date email was sent for easy reference!

· Ease of Use – No need to be intimidated with knowing how to create formulas and wondering if it the results will work…we have already done all the hard part! Simply put, Excel Employee Leave Tracker will allow your leave team to be up-and-running within minutes. Plus, we will be with you to answer any questions you may have and provide support when needed.

Contact us to schedule a demonstration to see how Excel Employee Leave Tracker can improve your leave administration with an Easy-to-Use and affordable tool! You can contact us at:

Phone Number 646-527-8450

Email Info@ExcelEmployeeLeaveTracker.Com

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