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Why Did I Start My Own Company?

Updated: Dec 29, 2021

A friend recently asked me why did I start my own company designing Leave Spreadsheets. I replied with, “Well, I’m very good with Excel". But I then thought about the question in a different point of view: Why would a company use Excel Employee Leave Tracker templates?

I have worked as both a Senior Benefit and Leave administrator in New York Metropolitan area for past 15 + years. I have created Ad-hoc reports and used various Excel templates that met the needs of that project. But those templates were static… they were not dynamic. They were not able to provide instantaneous information or provide future forecasting without constant modification or updates. It may have been due to time constraints and/or additional cost of contracting an Excel consultant to design a customized template.

Excel Employee Leave Tracker (E2LT) is a dynamic tool that provides advance formulas that many may not be aware of, allowing an administrator to complete enrollment of employee leave with a few mouse clicks. A simple process flow will grant full internal leave enrollment without opening multiple screens, miscalculation and other errors that may delay or prevent proper enrollment. This will ensure employee satisfaction as well.

E2LT works with all HRIS system that can produce data extract files, and Third-Party Administration systems. E2LT will ensure a complete leave management resource. A scheduled data extracted from either a HRIS or Third Party Admin is all that is needed to be sent to a folder, opening Excel and E2LT and simply clicking on “Refresh” , will allow a leave team to access the most recent employee information. Your leave administrator will then select the employee’s name from the smart drop-down list, and choice the corresponding type of leave with other selections to quickly complete the employee’s enrollment. That’s it!

Along with our Payroll Change Report, Management Dashboard, and automation of employee communication for fillable PDF’s, I know E2LT would be the most useful tool that any company would need for internal leave management. These additional resources can be shared with other departments and business partners. Plus, the cost and time to implement / use Excel will be much lower than creating a similar process from scratch.

To find out more about how Excel Employee Leave Tracker can save your leave / human resources team time and money, contact us at: Info@ExcelEmployeeLeaveTracker.Com or fill out the contact information section at: www.ExcelEmployeeLeaveTracker.Com

Stay Safe!!

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