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3 More Reasons for Using a Premium Automated Leave Template

Here are three more reasons your leave team should use a premium leave template instead of a free leave template found on the web:

1. Increased Accuracy & Streamline Administration: Today's businesses face increasing pressure from human resource management in addition to other business operations. A premium excel lead template will provide increased accuracy when creating your leave of absence, as it will be tailored specifically to your organization. It will have the correct leave policies and will include all necessary information so that it is quick and easy for your employees to fill out on leave. This will increase both employees’ satisfaction and productivity since leave administrators will be able to spend more time doing their jobs instead of filling out forms. For many organizations, this can result in a bottleneck in productivity because HR resources are overburdened with manual processes that are hard to maintain and keep up to date. A premium leave solution that automates administrative tasks like calculation vacation days and leave of absence, will reduce the administrative burden associated with these activities and help keep you focused on more strategic initiatives within the organization. This will improve employee productivity and morale while providing your organization with the tools it needs to remain competitive in a changing marketplace.

2. Improve Compliance: An organization’s compliance with federal state and local laws and regulations is an important aspect of managing operations. When you use a premium excel leave template, you can be sure that it adheres to all applicable laws and will be compliant with regulatory guidelines. When creating an employee’s leave of absence, there are several requirements that you must meet to ensure that it is compliant with federal, state, and local laws and regulations. For example, you must make sure to include the required number of days of leaves on the form; specifically, whether the leave is unpaid or paid; and identify if the leave is approved through an HR representative or if the employee can apply directly to a third-party leave administrator.

3. Payroll Notification: Many employers have found that this is time-consuming and confusing to maintain these complex rules on their own, so they use an HR solution that integrates seamlessly with their payroll systems to automate the process. Using a premium HR solution as Excel Employee Leave Tracker, you can automate your leave payroll process by automating the calculation a payroll responsibility such as percentages of pay, leave, and return dates, and any additional notifications regarding an employees pay. And best of all, you will not have to use complicated formulas to provide the correct answers! Excel Employee Leave Tracker will do it all for you! You will be able to stay on top of important deadlines related to an employee’s leave of absence, such as the last day the employee can return to work with “Pop-up” reminders.

Using a free template found on the internet invites endless possibilities that your calculations may not be 100% accurate, thus jeopardizing your company's valuable leave policies. Also, there are other concerns around security breaches. What is your data gets into the wrong hands? At Excel Employee Leave Tracker, we will work with your leave team as a value partner to ensure that your information is safe and secure. Your employee information will be saved within your company’s network. We will work you’re your I.T. department to ensure that data is secure. Finally, we have over 20 years’ experience in HR and Leave Administration and have a firm understanding of leave policies.

Learn more at: www.ExcelEmployeeLeaveTracker.Com to see how your leave team can be more efficient with a streamlined process; more compliant with all leave regulations and increase morale with employees. We have several automated templates that can be quickly implemented to provide a better way to service your employees, while saving time and money.

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